What are the FACTS!

Concerns about the Monument have been heard in Pocahontas County

Two 2013 letters from USFS Chief Tidwell to County Commission members address most concerns.

The letters are posted on this site.

Summary of Forest Service Chief Tidwell’s Letters

The Monument will continue to be managed by the Forest Service

The underlying (current) forest management plan will be utilized for the Monument lands

The Monument will NOT lead to new fees.

School funding under Secure Rural Schools Act remains in place.

The Monument ensures the permanent viability of the attributes for which the Monument was designated: Birthplace of Rivers.

More Facts about the Monument Proposal

More jobs & higher incomes for communities close to new National Monuments.    FACT!

7 National Monuments are managed by the US Forest Service.    FACT!

Our proposal continues the traditional uses of hunting, fishing, biking, hiking, camping, herb & mushroom gathering.    FACT!

All land in National Monument is currently, and has been government owned.    FACT!

Cranberry Wilderness remains wilderness as part of Birthplace of Rivers NM.    FACT!

Access to Birthplace of Rivers is free and you can go every day!    FACT!

Birthplace of Rivers National Monument is a citizens led proposal supported by many Pocahontas County residents.    FACT!